With 27 years of existence, TRISCA is an industrial company specialized in manufacturing foam furniture intended, essentially, for the school and children’s market, as well as libraries and leisure spaces for children.

TRISCA also responds to the needs of its customers in the areas of physiotherapy, motricity, indoor playgrounds, multisensory rooms and sports.

Currently, TRISCA is already the main national reference in the production of foam products for the school market, an area that it develops intensively, with a constant search for quality and innovation, with a solid network of distributors throughout the country.

TRISCA is also present in the foreign market, with its products placed in several countries, mainly in the European community, exporting more than 60% of its annual production and influencing the global market with regular the presentation of new products at international fairs.

We produce high quality equipment, respecting European standards for child safety.

We are an innovative company. We manufacture with quality. We are trustworthy.