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The reduction of plastic use is in the order of the day and is a matter of major importance.

On the other hand, several recent studies have shown that children spend more hours of their free time on their mobile phones or computers and less hours in physical contact with their companions and in activities that involve some physical effort which, combined with greater consumption of processed and high calorie foods causes some health problems, namely obesity and anxiety.

Aware of this worrying situation TRISCA created at the end of 2018 a set of games with more environmentally friendly materials, combining cork, wood, cotton and stainless steel, which have been proposed to institutions involving children, such as schools and recreational spaces.

These games were thought to involve some physical effort and, at the same time, socialization and direct contact among children, being competitive, but not aggressive.

Noteworthy are the Portuguese traditional games, as well as the Giant Game of Checkers, Giant Tangram and Giant Tic Tac Toe, among others.

These games are already available at our usual distributors, namely in companies that market educational materials for schools and sports goods companies.

We are at your disposal for any clarification.