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Beds and Beddings

Ref. 3225
Mattress Contour
measures: 70x80x25cm

Ref. 3117
Foam Bed
measures: 140x80x25cm

Mattress with plastic fabbric
ref. 964 – measures: 120x60x10cm
ref. 965 – measures: 120x60x5cm

Ref. 304
measures: 50x35cm

Ref. 6006
Blanket for bed
measures: 140x110cm

Ref. 6007
Set of sheets for bed
measures: 120x60cm

Ref. 6008
Protector for mattress
measures: 120x60cm

Ref. 3226
Oval Crib
measures: 120x60x25cm

Ref. 3227
Mattress for oval crib
measures: 108x48x10cm

Ref. 3228
Set of sheets for oval crib
measures: 108x48cm

Ref. 3229
Duvet for oval crib
measures: 100x70cm

Ref. 6018
Mattress for stackable cot
measures: 130x54x3cm
Mattress with cut corners and elastic bands for easy fastening.

Ref. 6009
Stackable cot
measures: 130x54x11cm

Ref. 6010
Bottom sheet for cot
measures: 130x60cm

Ref. 6012
Top sheet for cot
measures: 135x75cm

Ref. 6019
Blanket for cot
measures: 140x70cm

Ref. 6013
Protector for cot
measures: 130x60cm

Ref. 6011
Bag sheet for cot
measures: 130x70cm

Ref. 6020
measures: 120x60cm