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Courses with Large Modules

Ref. 1644
Course nº1
measures: 180x60x75cm

Ref. 3007
Course nº38
measures: 196x60x30cm

Ref. 3006
Course with cylinder
measures: 120x60x50cm

Ref. 3005
Course with parallelepiped
measures: 120x60x60cm

Ref. 1719
Course nº7
measures: 180x180x30cm

Ref. 1731
Small roll bridge
measures: 100x60x30cm

Ref. 1730
Large bridge
measures: 175x100x45cm

Ref. 3000
Large course with bridge
measures: 310x120x100cm

Ref. 3022
Super course
measures: 480x316x75cm

Ref. 2900
Course nº20
measures: 180x180x30cm

Ref. 2899
Course nº19
measures: 180x60x30cm

Ref. 1741
Course with wheel
measures: 120x120x120cm

Ref. 1743
Course nº53
measures: 280x60x50cm

Ref. 1645
Course nº2
measures: 180x180x30cm

Ref. 1732
Roll bridge
measures: 175x60x45cm

Ref. 1742
Course nº52
measures: 310x120x60cm

Ref. 3023
Course nº55
measures: 360x250x120cm

Ref. 3024
Course nº56
measures: 240x60x135cm