TRISCA presents its cork products catalogue for furniture and decoration

Keeping up with the lastest trends TRISCA, enterprise based on Entroncamento, lauches its catalogue of products manufacture in cork canvas for furniture and decoration.

Cork is in vogue. It’s a environment friendly product in the way that it’s natural from vegetable origin, also hypoallergenic since it doesn’t absorve dust, recyclable e totally reusable not originating waste.

On the other hand cork is very pleasant to the touch giving the pleasant well being feeling.

With this new set of products TRISCA steps into a new market segment, embracing the furniture and decoration markets.

Until now TRISCA has been focused in the equipment for the school market production, mainly for kindergartens, schools, libraries and other playful spaces for children, hitting big success with more than 50% of its production going oversea e by being market leader in Portugal.

Recently TRISCA was in Nuremberg, Germany, participating in TOY FAIR, biggest toy fair in the world, presenting its products.

On their luggage was a sofa prototype in foam covered by cork canvas to test the market acceptance. The success was immediate and many visitors asked TRISCA to develop a new products line in cork for children once in their countries it’s very valued natural and environment friendly products. Furthermore cork is extracted from the tree without damaging it and it’s possible to extract from the same tree within 9 years for many decades.

After a few months TRISCA developed three types of cork products: Furniture for Adults, with lounge chair, puffs, cushions and seats for big public spaces, Furniture for Children with sofas, cushions, puffs, mats and even a horse swing and a products line for yoga exercises and practice with mats, cushions, blocks, cylinders and transportation bag.

Hereafter months of preparation and investment, it’s time to launch and advertise TRISCA new products on the market, by participating in many events, starting by the Portuguese products exposition in furniture in Istanbul (Turkey) powered by AICEP. TRISCA already applied for TENT LONDON in the UK on the next September and is participating on Ficor (9th edition) taking place in Coruche next May.

There will be other activities, which is not excluded the participation in other international fairs of furniture and decoration.

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